Recent work (updated regularly).

Recent work.

Music production.

From a basic idea to a finished record and every single step in between: I’ll take care of it all and make sure your record will sound its absolute best. I like to work in a hybrid manner: combining my love for classic outboard equipment and analog tape with modern day digital technology.


I mix all of my own work as a record producer and also do a lot of mixing work on projects that have been recorded elsewhere. Before I dive into a mix and in order to have something finished in time, it is important for me to have a clear understanding of the vision of the producer and artist, and which direction he or she would like the mix to go.

Writing & arranging.

Being a songwriter and arranger myself, I offer my services to help artists with (assisting in) composing and writing arrangements. I have a broad network of some of the finest session musicians in The Netherlands. Let’s imagine something and make it happen.